The purpose of this non-political, non-profit, religious, cultural, and charitable organization is to create better fellowship among its members and associates and to enrich their social and cultural life based on the traditions and values of the NAIR community. While catering to the interests of the Nair community, the association shall fulfil this purpose without aiming at any gains for the individuals associated with this association. 

Aims and objectives of the Association:
i. To represent the social, cultural and religious interests of the members of NAIR community in Greater Chicago area and elsewhere,
ii. To conduct, co-ordinate and promote the activities of common interest to the NAIR community in Greater Chicago area,
iii. To assist members in efforts that are designed to improve social, cultural and educational programs that benefits the young members of our community,
iv. To encourage active participation of all members in social and cultural functions, and to gradually increase the reach of the association,
v. To support newcomers to settle and flourish in the United States by providing necessary guidance and counselling
vi. To impart necessary knowledge and to develop a strong community network to support the community members’ needs in various fields including, but not limited to education, charity, medical, legal, investment, entrepreneurship, skill development, career counselling, etc.
vii. To lead effective charity initiatives by soliciting, collecting and managing charitable donations (money and in-kind donations) to benefit the needy among NAIR and other communities in Kerala, Greater Chicago area and elsewhere.
viii. To maintain close co-operation between members and other fraternal organizations and to foster friendship through mutually benefiting activities without deviating from the core objectives of the association,
ix. To assist members in need by arranging family and marriage counselling, child welfare, child guidance, aging service and emergency financial assistance,
x. To preserve and promote the culture, heritage, and traditions of the NAIR Community,
xi. To co-ordinate and conduct charitable, educational, literary, scientific, cultural and social activities to enrich the NAIR community in North America,
xii. To organize programs and celebrate events of significance to the Hindu religion, Nair community in particular,
xiii. To do all that are necessary to preserve and protect the best interests of its members in accomplishing the above objectives.